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Elastic Network Data Storage

Network Storage Simplified.

Lucid Technology’s goal is to simplify enterprise network storage and make it available to all. We strive to provide software solutions for the rapidly growing Network Attached Storage (NAS) market that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage and maintain. Lucid Technology enables OEM systems manufacturers, value added resellers (VARS) and storage distributors to offer highly integrated NAS server solutions that are cutting edge – reliable, feature rich, scalable, and high performing. From a single branch office to international headquarters, LucidNAS is delivering access to the latest technologies like hybrid storage pools, cloud storage, storage virtualization, and data storage on-demand. Our open standards based software is a complete operating system and storage management application that allows network administrators to easily and cost effectively deploy, configure, manage and maintain multiple NAS servers in complex virtualized environments.

 Talk to us to learn how you can take your network from bottleneck to breakneck to:

    • Drive down operational costs dramatically
    • Decrease capital costs associated with the storage, network, and related IT investments
    • Improve your time to deploy business services

Eliminate the many barriers in place with traditional storage and hardware RAID arrays today, with a Cloud/Virtualization-ready NAS from Lucid Technology!