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Elastic Network Data Storage

NAS Storage Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Fast Network Storage Optimized for Digital Video Production

Purpose-built shared storage system ready to take on 4K video post-production workflow

Powered by LucidNAS, a fully featured storage file system and OS, LucidFiler offers a fast, flexible shared storage environment tailored to the requirements of the M&E industry and large volumes of digital content files. It leverages Commercial Off The Shelf hardware to deliver high performance capabilities, such as thin provisioning, data deduplication, snapshots, replication, cloning, and enterprise class data integrity for post-production tasks.

Hybrid storage pools for more efficient storing and retrieving digital assets on-demand

Hybrid Storage PoolsBy holding copies of frequently-used data on ultra-fast SSDs and storing less frequently-used data on dense, yet cost-effective, HDD drives, hybrid storage pools accelerate sequential reads enabling faster data processing during post-production, increasing the productivity of video professionals. LucidFiler intelligently combines DRAM, flash, and hard disk drives into a hybrid pool to reduce both read and write latency accelerating post production workflow.

Self-healing system immune from silent data corruption.

Self-Healing Self-repairing FilesystemOne of the challenges faced by post production professionals is silent data corruption. With potentially catastrophic consequences, it can interrupt the workflow, delay project deadlines and result in devastating losses. LucidFiler preserves the creativity of the media professionals by offering unmatched data integrity and automatic self healing. Using copy on write and checksums LucidFiler detects and corrects data corruption in ways not possible with traditional file systems and RAID arrays, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and data integrity for digital media applications.

File-compression and data deduplication to save valuable storage space.

Compression and DeduplicationDeduplication is one of the enterprise grade capabilities that can offer significant space savings. LucidFiler provides efficient archiving with inline deduplication placing no limits on the amount of data, scaling to any capacity on any platform. It saves space and unnecessary I/O operations leading to improved performance.

Limitless and instant backups

Backup and SnapshotsOne of the notable features offered by LucidFiler is the ability to create unlimited snapshots. An ever better one is the ability to send those snapshots to a different machine. But the greatest of all is the fact that one can send incremental snapshots. A snapshot is an exact copy of the file system as it existed at the time the snapshot was created. They can be used daily, hourly, or however often one needs to store only things that changed since the previous snapshot, using very little space and bandwidth for incremental backup that is instantly ready for access. LucidFiler offers unlimited snapshot capabilities to ensure recovery of digital content in the event of system failure. Snapshots can be created almost instantly to make a point-of-time backup enabling easy recovery.

Tailored for frequent storage and retrieval

Networking Storage and Shared StorageHigh-performance 40 Gbit Infiniband and multiple dedicated 10 Gbit Ethernet channels for networking offer improved bandwidth for jitter-free editing of full-frame, 10-bit, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4:4 high-definition (HD), 2K, 4K, and 5K video sources with multistream performance or background video archiving across multiple locations.

Future proofed post production workflows

Ready for 4K and 6K workflowLucidFiler is a highly scalable appliance that integrates seamlessly into any network and can be expanded at any time via SAS JBOD enclosures allowing capacity to be added easily and inexpensively when needed. Furthermore, just about every hardware component in the LucidFiler storage appliance can be upgraded to keep up with future video codecs – CPUs and memory capacity are easily increased, additional network channels are simply plug-and-play expansion cards.

No proprietary lock-in

Open Architecture with no Vendor Lock-inLucidFiler is vendor neutral and offers high degree of hardware upgradeability. Simply put – we never hold your data hostage! Any data stored, replicated, snapshotted, or backed up, can be restored or moved to another system. We just don’t think you would ever want to.

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4U 24 drives iSCSI /CIFS /NFS Storage for medium to large scale projects
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Video Storage Requirements (per minute)

HD 720p @ 24fps - 4.15GB
HD 1080p @ 25fps - 9.33GB
2K 1080p @ 24fps - 14.33GB
4K 2160p @ 24fps - 28.7GB