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Elastic Network Data Storage

LucidNAS ZFS NAS Software

LucidNAS Storage Appliance software delivers enterprise-class functionality across the full range of Network Attached Storage appliances, from the branch office to the data center. It is a fully-featured, flexible and extendable NAS/SAN software platform which offers capabilities that surpass those of traditional hardware RAID arrays.

LucidNAS  helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing business-critical storage with advanced capabilities, an easy-to-use Web-based management interface, and flexible storage analysis and optimization environment. It effectively counters the high cost, poor performance, and management complexity of traditional storage. Just as server designs a decade ago shifted away from proprietary systems to commodity components and open source software, LucidNAS achieves similar efficiencies while providing enterprise-class performance and manageability. LucidNAS functions as a storage appliance that abstracts legacy and commodity storage devices, pools resources, and presents them at the file or block level to client servers or workstations.

LucidNAS Storage Software is built on a UNIX foundation that includes ZFS, the most advanced enterprise file system available today. ZFS brings a wealth of benefits to the LucidNAS storage solution, including native I/O pooling, end-to-end data integrity, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. To further increase the software utility, Lucid Technology added an intuitive and comprehensive data management front-end for organizing and administering all aspects of the unified storage solution.

ZFS NAS stacks

Like what you see? Want to take it for a test drive? Please request a trial download of the LucidNAS ZFS NAS software and see for yourself!

Would you like a completely integrated and tested NAS/SAN solution? Please take a look at the hardware LucidNAS and LucidFiler products.

  • Enterprise-class data services and protocols for NAS environments
  • iSCSI SAN capability for seamless integration with an existing network
  • One software set for entry-level NAS, mid-range NAS, and data center high-availability NAS solutions
  • Hybrid Storage Pools with Automated data movement across storage tiers
  • High-availability and data protection features including industry-leading data-protection, data integrity and self-healing capabilities
  • Thin provisioning, unlimited snapshots and cloning, ten compression levels
  • Simple, browser based setup and management with rapid deployment
Hybrid Storage Pools with automatic management of multiple storage tiers including high-performance and high-capacity disks, separate flash-based read and write cachesSimplified storage management, higher performance and increased storage efficiency without adding administrative overhead
A rich suite of data protocols and servicesA single system can support a diverse set of applications - simplifying deployments, enhancing storage consolidation, and improving storage efficiency
Thin provisioning and unlimited, space-efficient snapshotsHigher storage efficiency, lower costs, and more rapid database cloning for test and development environments
Industry-leading data protection with triple-parity RAID and triple mirroringMaximum data availability and performance in the event of multiple drive failures
Built-in, inline deduplication combined with ZFS compressionSignificant cost and space savings for primary data in file serving and virtualization environments
High-performance 40 Gbit Infiniband and 10 Gbit Ethernet supportLow-latency, high-throughput NAS for performance sensitive applications
Built-in support for AFP, CIFS, NFS, HTTP, iSCSI and InfiniBandFits into existing storage environments and supports block-access from NAS devices
Software Specifications
Filesystem• 128-bit Zettabyte File System
• Unlimited filesizes
• Unlimited snapshots
• Copy-on-write clones
Data Protection• Multiple RAID Protections – Striping, N-way mirroring, RAID-Z(single parity), RAID-Z2(double parity), RAID-Z3 (triple parity)
• File cloning
• End-to-end checksumming
Hardware Support• SAS & SATA Drive Support (traditional and solid state/flash)
• Hot Spare Drive Support
• SMP—Multiple CPU / Multiple Core Support
• Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support
• Multiple Load Balancing / Failover NIC Support
• Infiniband Support
Network Protocols• NFS (UNIX-based clients)
• CIFS/SMB (Windows-based clients)
• AFP (Apple-based clients)
• iSCSI (block level access / Storage Area Network)
  • ZFS NAS for Virtual Machines in vmWare, Xen, HyperV, and VirtualBox
  • NAS-based data warehouses and database archives
  • ZFS NAS for Media Streaming
  • Data Protection
  • Data Archiving
  • Fixed content-serving
  • File serving for Unix, Linux, Apple, and Windows clients
  • ZFS NAS for reliable backups and restores