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Elastic Network Data Storage

No, it does not. LucidFiler uses ZFS filesystem which provides RAID functionality that is superior to any hardware RAID. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • LucidFiler has a much more powerful processor with plenty of excess capacity for RAID calculations. It easily outperforms even ASIC-assisted hardware RAID controllers.
  • LucidFiler has more RAM for caching than a hardware RAID controller.
  • End-to-end checksumming prevents data corruption.
  • Only the data that has changed is rebuilt if a disk fails, no sector-by-sector rebuilds taking days like a traditional hardware RAID.
  • No proprietary data structure means no vendor tie-in. Take the drives out of the enclosure and move it to any server capable of understanding ZFS, import the pool and all your data is there. This is not possible with a proprietary RAID controller.

In short – better performance, superior reliability and data integrity, quick rebuilds, and you are in control of your data.

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