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Elastic Network Data Storage

We are proud to present the latest and greatest version of the LucidNAS software. Version 2.8.1 brings many improvements and fixes which all add up to the best, most user-friendly experience yet.

  • Performance, performance, and even more performance tweaks
  • Improved Active Directory integration
  • Improved boot environments
  • Faster root on ZFS installation
  • Firewall, networking, and LAGG improvements
  • ZFS v5000 Storage Pool Allocator support
  • SMB stack performance improvements

Updating is easy and only takes 30 seconds right from the web GUI. Just click System Management → System Preferences, select the Update tab, and click on the Update button.

The work does not stop here, however, and we have all hands on deck getting ready for the next release. Replication, failover, and failback will be available in version 2.9